Being one of the most prestigious 'GURUKULS' , We have never compromised on meals for students. We understand & consider nutritious meals are very important for physical and mental growth, also overall development in early life. Food habits during the initial years can influence preferences and practices in later life.

 A healthy diet contributes tremendously to improve the well-being of children and their potential learning ability, thus contributing to better school performance. Young children do not choose what they eat, but as they grow, they become more independent progressively and start making their own choices. Here, we keep in view all these points and the meals are served accordingly. 

The school provides Vegetarian nourishing, healthy meals to the students. Special care is taken to provide a balanced diet of cereals, fresh milk, butter,  cheese, vegetables, and fruits. 

On the advice of the Medical Officer, special diets are also provided whenever needed. The refectory has a modern, mechanized kitchen & bakery and non-stop supply of filtered water managed by a professionally trained Catering-Manager. Our Dining Hall is also Air-Conditioned. 

Dining is a special time as all eat together in a ‘Family Style’ in a large Dining Hall. Quality home style, hygienic, nutritious Vegetarian  Indian, Chinese and Continental meals are served.

All the children eat together under the supervision of the Hostel staff.