• The students are trained and motivated to learn not just from the information in the books but also from the experiences of life. 
  • They are taught by well-qualified and experienced staff with the help of modern technology and teaching techniques.  
  • The emotional, mental and physical fitness of the students is given the utmost importance and is taken care of with the help of yoga and breathing exercises on a daily basis. 
  • A balanced diet for the students is ensured through healthy and nutritious vegetarian food. 
  • Sandhya is performed every evening to teach the students the value of rituals, traditions and the rich Indian culture. 
  • The environment provided to the students is such that it helps them explore their potentials and brings out the best in them.  


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”



It is a popular saying that education is the building block of any great economy and in order for an economy to be great; its youngest generation requires not only to be well-informed but well-learnt because future of that nation undisputedly depends on its children. Education instills in them the capability and competence to carry forward the legacy of their ancestors and help in the growth and development of their nation. This indicates towards the necessity of educating children not only by teaching them the course subjects but by inculcating in them right knowledge, skills and time-tested values to make them better human beings with honest, committed, dedicated, tolerant, creative and constructive character. 


Chaman Vatika - a 'Gurukul' for girls believes in nurturing the character of the children in a way that they are in a position to bring out the best in them. We strongly believe in the fact that, if you teach a boy, you teach only a boy, if you teach a girl, you teach a family. At Chaman Vatika ‘Gurukul’, we provide a balanced environment to the students, giving them the opportunity to learn through the best possible methods of education which are not only scientific but also creative along with instilling in them the Indian traditions and values, helping them deepen their roots for their healthy growth in all the fields.    





Educating a girl is a stepping stone towards educating a nation. Chaman Vatika aims at playing its part in the development of a healthy society and nation by educating girls in a way that their potential and energies are channelized in productive directions and they are able to grapple with the complex issues and challenges that life presents them with. Our vision is to produce highly energetic, competent and dedicated students with a perfect combination of traditional and modern teachings. We aspire nurture but also to have connection with the roots of their culture.