Since the ancient times, Gurukul system of education has prevailed in India wherein anyone who wished to study went to the teacher's hermitage and requested to be taught. If the teacher or the guru accepted the student, he/she would then stay in Guru's abode and get initiated with the learning. From Vaakya to Veda and from Mathematics to Metaphysics, the Guru would teach the pupil, everything including righteousness (Dharma) and liberation (Moksha). 

The sole purpose of all the teachings was to result into a happier self, family, society, country and eventually the whole mankind. This is exactly what Chaman Vatika 'Gurukul' is striving for. 

To strike a right balance between the modern and ancient system of education, I feel glad to say that Chaman Vatika 'Gurukul' is committed to provide the best modern education guided by competent staff, wide range of enriching activities, building each child's emotional, physical, social and cognitive skills, offering multi-cultural and developed appropriate materials and facilities in compliance with accepted norms of quality assurance. The school aims to help the girls achieve excellence in both academic and social spheres. 

I congratulate the management and the members of the staff for their visionary approach and look forward to a bright and successful future of the students at Chaman Vatika 'Gurukul'.

With all Good Wishes!

Acharya Dev Vrat