Lala Chaman Lal ji

"Education illuminates the world with the light of knowledge and wisdom"

Who dedicated his entrire life to the cause of education



The institution is dedicated to the sacred memory of Sh. Lala Chaman Lal Ji who devoted the whole of his life to the cause of education. Born on January 1st, 1899, Lala Chaman Lal Ji, in 1921 became the youngest Principal of the biggest school in Punjab, Sain Das Anglo Sanskrit High School, Jalandhar. Within a year, the young genius, known for his dedication to education, was enrolled as a Life Member of D.A.V. College Trust and Management Society. Within a short period, Lala Ji became a well known personality in Punjab. He was elected as a member of the School Board of Punjab University, Lahore in 1945. In 1948, he was nominated by the Govt. of Punjab as the Member of Punjab Advisory Board of Education. He was also elected as a Fellow of Punjab University Senate and the Member of Punjab Legislative Council. His untiring contribution to the cause of education was recognized and admired by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India when in 1961, he was honoured with the first ever National Award for Teaching. He retired in March 1962 but continued to guide more than a  dozen D.A.V. Schools as an honorary Manager.

He firmly believed that a truly educated person is the one who has learned how to learn and change for the better.

CHAMAN VATIKA – a 'Gurukul' for girls is a befitting tribute to the great thinker and educationist.

  Acharya Devvart Ji

"Education is the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another"

Honble Governorshri Gujarat


Dear Readers

I strongly believe that the purpose of running an educational institution is all about building character, enriching minds and letting the young learners get first-hand experiences that make long lasting and valuable life lessons.

It is really disheartening to see that in the race of modernity, many educational institutions are just filling the minds of the young children with the ideas of making it big in this materialistic world. But at the same time,  it is really comforting to witness institutions like Chaman Vatika Gurukul impressing upon the young minds that values and noble qualities are irreplaceable. We take solace in knowing that there are institutions like Chaman Vatika Gurukul that believe in helping the children of today understand that they need to stay connected with our rich cultural heritage and ethics.

I personally believe that these children will definitely create a niche for themselves in the modern world achieving great milestones in  life while at the same time, they will possess awe-inspiring moral values which will definitely help them lead better lives.   

My heartiest congratulations to the management, the staff and the students of Chaman Vatika Gurukul for being a part of an exemplary institute!


Acharya Devvrat Ji
Hon'able Governorshri Gujarat



Sh. Rajinder Nath

"The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next"

Chairman of Chaman Vatika


From the Chairman's Desk

The best education is the one that prepares the youngsters to usher in a better tomorrow. The world is progressing in leaps and bounds. The need of the hour is to provide an atmosphere for learning and discovering where the students are encouraged to be creative and innovative and the get the opportunities to walk down the untrodden pathways without the fear of facing failures,  where they get a chance to become inquisitive and  ready to explore not just the world but the whole universe and that's what we at Chaman Vatika Gurukul aim at.

The deteriorating values and the youngsters' inclination towards using gadgets excessively  are matters of great concern for the parents, the teachers, the society and the nation as well.

An investment in knowledge pays the best and that's why we need more institutions like Chaman Vatika Gurukul where education is  all about building bridges connecting the present, modern era with our rich cultural past. Here,  it is ensured that the girls take pride in being citizens of a nation with the great Vedic heritage.

If we really want to bring a positive change in the social scenario,  we need to help the young learners  imbibe  sublime moral values so that they become capable of eradicating all kinds of evils from the society.  Hence   a strong emphasis is laid on character building while, at the same time,  imparting them the modern education using the latest technology so that our girls have an edge over others and are light years ahead as compared to  the students of other educational institutions.

Rajinder Nath

Sh. A.D.Gandhi

"Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those who do not rest on the laurels of the past."


The aim of education is the knowledge - not of facts but of values. Chaman Vatika Gurukul promotes interest and empowers the students with opportunities to learn things that matter and are relevant to their lives and help them to become successful individuals.

I am glad to share that the staff members here are developing a passion for learning in their students so that they never cease to grow.
Chaman Vatika Gurukul works on a value based system where complete focus is given on the uniqueness of the students so that they are able to excel in the areas of their interest. In today's globalised world, there are many distractions for students. So it becomes our moral duty as parents, teachers and members of society to keep them away from the evils of modern gadgets and to enable them to steer through the challenges of life successfully by treading on the path of righteousness.

Here it is aimed to instill a sense of confidence, love of learning and moral and ethical values that help the students to make this world a better place to live in.


Sh. A.D. Gandhi

Dr. Rajendra Vidhyaalankar

"True greatness lies in simplicity goodness, truth, honesty and compassion"


Core values are the deeply held belief that authentically describe one's soul. And the need of the hour is to instill in the youngsters values like honesty, truthfulness, compassion, respect for others and a clear sense of justice. Respect for ourselves guides our morals whereas respect for others guides as well as mirrors our manners.

It feels great to know that institutions like Chaman Vatika Gurukul are doing the commendable task of helping the young girls realize the importance of imbibing values and that, in turn, will definitely give rise to a morally uplifted society.

Maturity is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasure for long term values. If the students are able to give up the desire to live comfortably and sweat it out, participate in yoga and sports, nothing can stop them from achieving physical, mental and emotional health.

When one's values are clear,  making decisions becomes easier. Chaman Vatika Gurukul is playing a great role in helping the young learners understand that all that glitters isn't gold. Once it becomes clear to them, they will never judge a book by its cover, rather they will definitely take right decisions in life.

My best wishes to the staff and the students of Chaman Vatika Gurukul. Hoping to see them scaling great heights!

Dr. Rajender Vidyalankar