No Meeting / PTM / Visit / Outing

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No Meeting / PTM / Visit / Outing

Dear Parents,


New variant of corona, “Omicron” is spreading. Experts say that it is more harmful than the old variant. Sensing the danger of this new variant, some decisions have been taken by the school management for the betterment of your ward.


1. Entries of the parents and visitors have been restricted in Chaman Vatika  Gurukul campus.


2. No offline PTM will take place in the campus.  The students are calling up their parents over the phone every Saturday. If you have any problem regarding your ward, his health and studies, communicate to the reception either telephonically or through email.


3. No leave will be sanctioned on any ground (except serious illness). Despite emphasising the reason to the parents again and again not to grant leave, some parents compel the school authority to grant leave. The school management has taken the decision to grant long leave to those students whose parents don’t comply with the norms of school. Long leave means that the student will report in Chaman Vatika Gurukul after the annual examination. 


4. Parents are requested to send the parcels in limited amount with the interval of 21 days.


5. Parents will pay the next installment (January to March) through School Portal till January 10, 2022.

Kindly don’t visit Chaman Vatika ‘Gurukul’ to pay the fee of your ward.


Kindly cooperate because this is for the well-being of you ward.  

With regards



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