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Study at CVG

Study at CVG


Every little need and requirement of the students is taken care of at the school. The students are provided with latest study materials and activity kits recommended by the best educational counsellors which have a direct impact on the performance of the students. 






All classrooms are smart class rooms, and are equipped with e-tech facility that includes animation, quiz, question banks etc. and all the classes are held via e-tech. The plasma screens help the teachers to explain things to the students in greater detail and the students tend to remain more active and attentive during the classes. The students tread on the path of learning under the able guidance of experienced members of faculty who keep themselves abreast with the latest tools and techniques in the field of education and attend teacher training programmes & seminars at regular intervals.


An extensive use of audio visual teaching aids is made for enhancing the effective learning process in the students. The school is equipped with charts, over head projectors, LCDs and a host of play equipments, and above all dozens of projectors. 


Special periods are earmarked everyday for the sole purpose of doing homework and self study. Specialized teachers are allocated to individual groups of students to supervise their homework and related activities. Remedial classes are encouraged if the students are lagging behind. 




The basic aptitude of students becomes apparent after they are done with their primary education. Career-oriented specialized training, academic aid and preparations for various competitive exams based on the interests of the students are encouraged. The students are given the opportunity to learn, explore and compete against a number of students when they participate in various Olympiad and other competitive exams at the national and international level.
Various Counselling Sessions help the students decide their future careers.