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Our society places women on a very high stature because it's only a woman who has the capability of balancing the outside and the inside life in a perfect way. If it wasn't for the women, our society would never have developed or grown out of its humble shrines. 


A girl child is as special as a boy and has equal right to education. However, we still see discrimination on the grounds of gender in our society wherein girls are discouraged from pursuing education for fulfilling their dreams. With this in mind, we at Chaman Vatika ‘Gurukul’, encourage education of girls because we understand that only educated women can make a peaceful and progressive society. 

Education is not just about preparing children for a life to come but it is life in itself and it is necessary for every girl child to live this kind of life so that she grows up to become an independent woman who is capable of taking her own stand, carving a niche for herself in the world and prove herself to be an asset for the society that she belongs to.  

We believe in inculcating in the girl child, the traditional values of womanhood and making her feel responsible about her duties towards her family, society and most importantly towards herself by giving them special type of exposure, environment and education so that she becomes empowered to be a great organizer, administrator and a leader. 

We want to give the girls of our times, the opportunity and freedom to be themselves. 

Late Sh. Rajinder Nath 

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