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Philosophy & Core Values

When women thrive, all of the society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life – Kofi Annan. 

The school's philosophy remains rooted in the ancient traditional values that aim to empower the girls to bring out the best of their potential and make them better human beings, more capable of contributing to the success and betterment of their society and nation. The basic idea remains to explore their potentials in ways that they are able to recognize their individualities and uniqueness of their characters and learn to respect and accept it. 

The focus is on building their leadership qualities by inculcating similar values in them and inspiring them with the characters of great ladies who have made their places in the world. The idea is to encourage them to be the masters of their own destiny by instilling in them the determination and willpower to do so. 

The major parameter of all the activities undertaken in the school is the all-round development of the students. The education system cannot be eastern or western because education is education and the school believes in the philosophy of giving the best of it to its students in the form of eastern moral values and western scientific methods.   


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